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Information on Regular Rates
Automatic Payment Withdrawal


Base Water Charge: 

$25.90 monthly

Metered Water Usage: 
(in thousands)


$4.98 - 0 to 7,000 gallons,
$5.75 - 7,001 to 15,000 gallons,
$6.86 - over 15,001 gallons.
Base Wastewater Charge: $25.88 monthly
 Miscellaneous Charges:
 Shut Off Service  $50.00
 Turn On Service  $30.00
 Final Bill  $20.00
 Return Check  $30.00
 Unauthorized Water Turn On  $500.00
 Meter Accuracy Verification  $155.00
 Labor Rates  $35.00 per hour
 Public Record Research
 1st hour  No Charge
 Each Additional Hour  $30.00 per hour
 Document Copies  $0.25 per page

Reference the back of your utility bill for a list of rates and charges pertaining to water and sanitary sewer as well as final billings, water service shut-off and turn-on, raising or uncovering a meter pit, and returned checks.




The District would like to remind residents of our Automatic Payment Withdrawal System.  This service is offered at no charge.  The amount for your water bill will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on the 25th of your due date month.  You will still receive a bill at the beginning of the month, giving you time to plan for the withdrawal.  Customers can sign up for the service at any time by requesting an Authorization for Automatic Payment Withdrawal Form from our District Office or by printing our form.


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